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Aerial view of Schwerman Christmas Tree Plantation and Huntsville Polo Club

Twas the night before…oops… wrong story!

1973 was the beginning of the Lacey’s Spring Christmas Tree Plantation, the new owner planted 20,000 Virginia Pines in expectation of Christmas trees springing from the land. However they take 5 years or more and a lot of hard work before they are ready to grace someone’s home. Since then the tree farm has become a Huntsville and surrounding area tradition for families that believe in a natural Christmas tree for the holidays. In July 2002, this tradition passed to the Schwermans. We soon learned from our 3 generations of loyal customers just how important this traditional place was to a myriad of families… Oh, the stories they tell of Christmas past and the joy they receive from the annual tradition of gathering the family to pick their very own Christmas tree. While changes may come to the farm as you will see as you navigate around the Web site, one thing will remain constant: this is the place to come to choose and cut a live, fresh Christmas tree.

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